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At my place of work, we have to make whatever the customer wants, any time they want it, IF they're willing to wait for it to be made. To elaborate, if they want biscuits and gravy past about 9:30 am (It varies from 9:30 to 10:00. The gravy is always thrown out by ten because that's when corporate says lunch MUST be out by.), they're going to have to wait for the gravy to be warmed up. We have a regular. She's an EB to everyone except ONE coworker.Unfortunately, that coworker wasn't working today. C and I were. Regular strolls in about 9:45, when I've already begun making lunch food. She walks to the warmer and sees that it's empty; then walks over to me and:

Regular: "Are you still serving breakfast?"
Me: "No, ma'am, we start making lunch at about nine thirty-ten o'clock, but I can make you anything you want."
Regular: "Do you have any sausage biscuits?"
Me: "Not made up, no, but I can make you one no problem!"
Regular: "Okay, how much are they?"
Me: "$2.19"
Regular: "Okay, I'll take two."
Me: "Two sausage biscuits? I'll get on those right now."
Regular: "Yes. How long will it be?"
Me: "About seven minutes."

The first half of the encounter wasn't the problem, but I felt it was necessary to show you she has a normal side. Please note what she ordered, and that I repeated her order back to her. During this, coworker C was within earshot. Regular then wanders off, but comes over about three minutes later.

Regular: "Oh, you don't have any made up?"
Me:.....Really, did we not cover this? Maybe her memory is as bad as mine."No, ma'am, but they're in now. It'll be about four more minutes."

She proceeds to stand there and stare at me, like it's going to make her food cook faster. Why do people ALWAYS DO THIS? It makes me so uncomfortable. >.<;; Her biscuits come up so I put them in their containers. Then she raises her voice and yells over:

Regular: "Didn't I say sausage and GRAVY biscuits? I believe I said sausage and GRAVY biscuits. Didn't I say sausage and GRRRRAAAAVVVYYYY biscuits, C?"
C turns to her and says: "No, you said sausage biscuits."
Regular is deterred from that, but continues to act like I'm making mistakes. "Oh, well, I want gravy."
Me: "Okay, I'll get that for you right now."
Now Regular stops speaking to me entirely and talks only to C, even though I'm the one completing her order. Because she wants GRRRAAAVVVYYYYY I have to change the container. And I'm immediately thankful I hadn't thrown out the gravy yet. Really, she's lucky on that, but there's not really enough to cover two orders. Also, I have never had an order for sausage AND gravy biscuits. There's sausage already IN the gravy, but sausage biscuits and gravy biscuits have always been a separate thing. I take the sausage biscuit apart and put it in the biscuit and gravy container, with the sausage on one side.

Regular stops me and says TO C, completely ignoring me EXCEPT to stop me: "Hey, C, don't you usually crumble up the sausage? SHE didn't crumble up the sausage in the gravy."
C: "No, we don't."
C's not having any of her nonsense, and C knows I know how to do my job. If Regular WANTED it crumbled up, I would have done so. She didn't ask for that, but then she originally didn't ask for gravy either so I should have expected her to have a problem with something else.
Regular: "Oh, you don't?" Okay."

Then, desperately trying to find SOMETHING that I'm doing wrong, she stops me AGAIN, just as I'm about to poor the gravy on her biscuits.

Regular: "C, isn't she supposed to put it in a white container? Styrofoam?"
REALLY, what is her problem with me?!
C: "No, we don't have anything like that." We don't. "That's next door." Ah, yet another gas station. I, personally, wasn't even aware they served breakfast at all.
Regular: looking increasingly discouraged that C isn't siding with her. "Oh. Okay."

At this point she gives up. She settles for telling me EXACTLY how to spread the gravy on her sausage and biscuit, and just flouncing off when I hand the finished product to her. >.> I have no idea what the hell I did to her. I'm just very thankful she didn't comment on the amount of gravy we had left. Maybe she heard the scraping sounds as I legitimately gave her every bit we had left.

Just. Seriously? I could have just told her nope, we stop serving breakfast at nine thirty in the morning. You're out of luck. GTFO.


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